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When You Need Live Music in Ottawa, You Need Sax Appeal!

Known as Canada’s Premier Saxophone Ensemble, Sax Appeal is a unique professional saxophone ensemble (comprised of a Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophone) located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

As the most extraordinary ensemble in the region, Sax Appeal is transforming the musical landscape in Canada with their distinctive sound, look and feel !

Excellent musicians and a great variety of musical styles suitable for any occasion are hallmarks of Sax Appeal. Equally comfortable playing any musical genre ranging from jazz to classical to literally everything in-between, the versatility of this saxophone ensemble is unmatched.

From wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions and diplomatic functions, to birthdays, retirement homes, Christmas parties and festivals (such as the Ottawa Jazz Festival and the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival), a Sax Appeal performance will leave your guests in awe.

As an active member of the Canadian Federation of Musicians, we can also book any other kind of entertainment (or band) that you or your clients may need. But if you’re looking for something to really make your event remembered, we also offer saxophone duets and trios to make your special event saxy! Inquire about our special rates for charitable organizations and not-for-profit events.

To make your event truly unforgettable, you need to have an ensemble that is as equally distinctive!

Always the Right Feel With Sax Appeal!
Pour un événement qui a du style, donnez-lui une touche de Sax Appeal!


Sax Appeal is a proud member of :

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The Luxury Wedding Group


Bring elegance, class and lasting memories to your event with Sax Appeal! As the most extraordinary ensemble in the region, Sax Appeal is transforming the musical landscape in Canada with their distinctive sound, look and feel. When you hire Sax Appeal, you can expect the highest level of musical talent, customer service and organizational skills. Whatever style and feel you wish to achieve for your event, we customize our services to match.

Have your guests talking about how much sophistication a unique all-saxophone ensemble brings to your function! We do everything possible to make sure that your guests are provided with the perfect musical ambiance. End your evening on a good note and get some Sax Appeal today!

Sax Appeal prides itself by adhering to some basic professional fundamentals:

Sound Quality

We will exceed your expectations from a musical perspective. All musicians in Sax Appeal are professionals and members of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. Everything we play is pleasant to the ear and is sure to impress.



Sax Appeal provides all of its own equipment for an acoustic performance. This includes music stands, lights, saxophone stands and charts. Amplification can be arranged depending on the location and needs of your event.

Attention To Detail

We will exceed your expectations from an organizational and logistical perspective.

Our presentation is second to none! Depending on what kind of feel you wish to portray, Sax Appeal is comfortable playing in either tuxedos for formal events, or we would be pleased to tailor our outfits to adhere to any other dress code to suit your needs. For example – Having a backyard wedding anniversary party in the middle of the summer and wish us to wear shorts and a t-shirt ? No problem. It would be our pleasure.


Versatility is one of the most important services we specialize in!

We understand the need for flexibility and will always work with you to help make sure your event is a complete success.

Whether you have been organizing your event for a few hours or a few hundred hours, sometimes even the most organized plans need to be tweaked at the last minute. Should any of your circumstances ever change either before or during your special event, we will adapt and work together to provide seamless services so that your needs are not only fulfilled, but surpassed.

Depending on your needs, Sax Appeal can either stand or sit while performing, or even physically move in the middle of a set from one room to another (or even outside) to better accommodate your event.

As an active member of the Canadian Federation of Musicians (Musicians’ Association of Ottawa-Gatineau Local 180), we can help find any other kind of musical talent that you or your clients may need. Perhaps your event calls for a more traditional jazz combo, a singer, rock band, big band or anything in-between, it would be our pleasure to assist. As music is our business, we only work with professionals whose job it is to make your event a complete success.

Superior Customer Service

The founder and leader of Sax Appeal (Jarrod Goldsmith) has many years of unparalleled customer service experience who constantly delivers on his word and provides both prompt and courteous service. Always. Even if this is the first time you are organizing an event or are a seasoned pro, Jarrod will take as much time as necessary to make you feel at ease and confident.

As a community and entrepreneur business leader himself, Jarrod Goldsmith understands that it’s one thing to provide professional music services, but another to build credibility, trust and reliability. When you work with Sax Appeal, you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Besides being an accomplished musician, Jarrod Goldsmith is also an avid entrepreneur and created eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience); an entrepreneur networking community and tradeshow for small business to create connections, gain knowledge from featured speakers and promote regional economic collaboration among Chambers of Commerce and community/business leaders. Events are held every three months (January, April, July and October); originally to coincide with the Ontario Self-Employment Benefits Program.

Whether you’re a new business owner, aspiring, or seasoned entrepreneur, you must realize the value that networking events have to offer. Here is a short promo video and a variety of testimonials to give you an idea on what to expect from attending an eSAX entrepreneur networking event!

In addition, building on his networking experience (and leveraging the ‘Fedora’ branding that Jarrod is known for), he’s also started a YouTube video series discussing a wide-range of business tips that people may find useful to help make their networking endeavors not only less stressful, but successful! A new video is posted each week but feel free to subscribe to the eSAX YouTube account and follow @AskTheFedora on Twitter!

Feel free to connect with Jarrod on LinkedIn!



Equally comfortable playing any musical genre ranging from jazz to classical to Christmas music and literally everything in-between, the versatility of Sax Appeal is unmatched. Here is a short video sampler!

We also offer saxophone duets and trios to make even the most intimate event saxy! If you’re getting married in Ottawa and looking for unique and elegant wedding music, you need Sax Appeal!

Contact us now for a quote to really make your next function really distinctive and remembered!


Sax Appeal can easily accommodate ANY function that requires the finest of touches such as:



Or any other event that needs to be remembered!









  • December 24 – Christmas Music. Rideau Centre
  • December 20 – Dinner. Camelot Golf and Country Club
  • December 15 – Wedding. Mayfair Theatre
  • December 9 – Christmas Music. Rideau Centre
  • December 6 – Tradeshow. YMCA/YWCA
  • December 6 – Christmas Social. Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE). Delta City Centre
  • November 30 – Arts Night. First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
  • November 23 – Christmas Music. Orleans Chamber of Commerce. Orleans Legion
  • November 17 – Christmas Music. Nutri-Lawn. The Prescott
  • November 10 – Tradeshow. Travelodge
  • November 8 – Dinner. Sawa Sushi Restaurant
  • November 3 – Woman’s Day Street Party. City of Manotick   *PUBLIC* 
  • October 24 – Ottawa Book Awards. Shenkman Arts Centre
  • October 20 – Wedding. National Arts Centre
  • October 17 – Ernest C. Manning Awards. Ottawa Convention Centre
  • October 6 – Wedding. Museum of Civilization
  • September 23 – 50th Birthday. Paesano Restaurant, Manotick
  • September 20 – Product Launch. Clocktower Pub, Westboro
  • September 14 – Wedding. Courtyard Restaurant
  • September 3 – Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival / Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau
  • September 2 – Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival / Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau
  • September 1 – Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival / Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau
  • August 28 – Live performance on Daytime Ottawa. Rogers Television. Channel 22
  • August 18 – Wedding. Chateau Montebello
  • August 17 – Private. Ottawa
  • July 4 – Lunch. Ottawa Westin
  • June 27 – Lunch. Ottawa Marriott
  • June 16 – Wedding. Plant Recreation Centre
  • June 13 – Private. Ottawa Convention Centre
  • June 9 – Wedding. Chateau Cartier
  • June 2 – Wedding. Hampton Inn and Conference Centre
  • April 11 – Concert. Peter D. Clark Long Term Care Facility
  • April 1 – Wakefield International Film Festival
  • January 15 – University of Ottawa Saxophone Day
  • January 7 – 8 – Wedding Palace Bridal Show. Ottawa Convention Centre
  • December 8, 2011 – Tradeshow. Dominion Chalmers Church


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Sax Appeal Testimonials

Photos of Sax Appeal












Deborah Joyce PhotographySax Appeal was also a finalist in the category 'Best Live Music' !

Photo by Sophie Renaud Multimedia

Sophie Renaud Multimedia  Sophie Renaud Multimedia Ortega Photography E2M Photo E2M Photo Avenida Garcia Lesley Ferguson Photography Wakefield International Film Festival Deborah Joyce Photography Sax Appeal at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival 2013 Narsete PhotographySophie Renaud MultimediaLesley Ferguson PhotographySax Appeal Performing at the Residence de la Gappe, Feb 6, 2015Sax Appeal performing at the Laurier House, Ottawa

Sax Appeal performing at the Shenkman Arts Centre, February 15, 2015



Sax Appeal is comprised of four local Ottawa-Valley professional musicians who all adhere to the standards of the American Federation of Musicians.

Sax Appeal Wedding. Museum of Nature. June 2015. Photo by Andrew van BeckPhoto taken by Tracey Lynne Photography

Dave Renaud – Soprano Saxophone

Dave Renaud has been an active musician in the Ottawa region for 34 years. Dave is a “doubler” playing all the saxes, clarinets and flutes. He studied music at both Ottawa University and Humber College. Dave has performed with the NAC orchestra, Ottawa symphony, Gatineau symphony, Orpheus pit orchestra, and countless other diverse show productions. Dave brings diverse experience to the ensemble having played many styles such as Klezmer, jazz, rock, lounge, studio, orchestra, marching band and dance band music.

He teaches and conducts clinics on woodwinds. His band Dr Jazz works for corporate functions and private events. Dave is also a Registered Piano Technician serving a large client base in The Capital Region.


Alto Saxophone

Brian Asselin is a songwriter / saxophonist / arranger living in Ottawa, Canada. He currently works on co-writing for such groups as Rebecca Noelle and The Commotions and writes music that can be found in the Pop with a cross-over to R&B/Soul. He has been hugely influenced by Motown and used to play with The Funk Brothers out of Detroit.

The world around him has always been his biggest muse when it comes to songwriting. He likes to take situations in his life or the life of his friends and family to come-up with the best soundtrack. His songwriting career started back in 2010 after graduating from teachers college. After his stint at the University of Ottawa, he co-wrote a song with a fantastic musician and friend – Eric Disero. The song ‘You Have Made A Difference by Brian Asselin of Sax Appeal‘ has been played and performed around the world and has been featured on Diane Sawyers Late Night News. Since then, Brian has been very busy writing enough material to release his first EP which you can purchase through iTunes. The songs he tends to write are more or less in the pop music genre influenced by such great artists as James Taylor, Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo Green, and so many others. In 2013 he released a project entitled Delbert & The Commotions featuring Funk Brothers frontman Delbert Nelson. The album is a throwback to Motown and he’s proud to say that two tunes from the album were placed on shows on HBO as well as ABC.

Brian is currently working on a new Commotions album featuring Rebecca Noelle, and Jeff Rogers. Please sign up for Brian Asselin’s newsletter here.



Sandy Gordon – Tenor Saxophone

Sandy Gordon is a professional musician. He likes music. He loves playing the saxophone. Playing the sax has given him the opportunity to travel and play all over the world. He has played in pretty much every kind of band out there, including jazz bands, big bands, concert bands, orchestra, blues bands, swing bands, latin, Motown, R&B, Rockabilly, Country, show and parade bands. He is now back in Ottawa and playing with a pretty cool sax quartet called Sax Appeal.


Jarrod Goldsmith – Baritone Saxophone (Leader)

Jarrod Goldsmith – Leader of Sax Appeal

Jarrod has been playing and studying the saxophone since 1986.

Originally from Montreal, Jarrod began playing professionally in High School. While pursuing a B.A. Honors degree in archaeology/anthropology at McGill University, Jarrod studied with the late esteemed Professor Gerald Danovitch and played in numerous McGill ensembles.

Jarrod continued his studies and music while earning a Masters degree in archaeology. During this time, he joined the University of Alberta ‘Jazz Band 1’, and also a hi-octane Latin band called Orchestra Energia that saw him gigging throughout Western Canada.

Upon moving to Ottawa in 2002, he quickly became a regular in the Ottawa/ Gatineau music scene.

Jarrod’s passion for music, organizational abilities and public relation skills make for a perfect combination in creating not only Sax Appeal, but also eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience); an entrepreneur networking community and tradeshow for Ottawa small business to create connections, gain knowledge from featured speakers and promote collaboration among regional Chambers of Commerce and community/business leaders. Events are held every 3 months (January, April, July and October); originally to coincide with the Ontario Self-Employment Benefits Program.

Photo by Capital Experience

Photo by Capital Experience

Jarrod has traveled extensively pursuing both music and archaeology across North America, as well as overseas in Japan, South Korea, Israel, and throughout Europe.

Jarrod is an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated communications professional who knows what it takes to make your occasion absolutely shine.

Leveraging the whole ‘Fedora’ branding that he’s known for, he started a YouTube video series called Ask The Fedora where he discusses a wide-range of networking/business tips that people find useful to help make their networking endeavors not only less stressful, but successful! A new video is posted each week so check back often. Or better yet, feel free to subscribe to the eSAX YouTube account and follow via the @AskTheFedora Twitter account.

It would be his pleasure to answer any questions you may have (


Jarrod Goldsmith is the leader and founder of Sax Appeal! Photo by Claude Brazeau

Jarrod Goldsmith

Photo by Ron Sarault

Photo by Ron Sarault


Sax Appeal is made possible by some extremely talented musicians!

The following is a list of saxophone players (in alphabetical order) who have made sure the show goes on.

Brian Asselin, Maxime Brisson, Petr Cancura, Bernard Cloutier, Brian Coughlan, Patrick Dennison, Elias Dubelsten, Sylvie Duchesneau, Jarrod Goldsmith, Sandy Gordon, Richard Hardy, Tyler Harris, Victor Herbiet, Daniel Ko, Christine Labbé, Yves Lacoursière, Jasmin Lalonde, Mike Mullin, Terry Owen, JF Picard, Gord Price, Dave RenaudVince Rimbach, Jason Scott, Gord Smith, Ian Schwartz, Val Suriano, Stefane Trudel, Pierre Vaillancourt.

Thank you, and happy playing everyone!

Friends of Sax Appeal

Sax Appeal is a member of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce..Sax Appeal is a member of the Orleans Chamber of CommerceOttawa Website Design RocketCreatives Storyline_ProductionsOttawa entrepreneur small business networking eSAX is an entrepreneur networking community and tradeshow for small business in Ottawa  Sax Appeal is a member of the Canadian Federation MusiciansHarold's Desk provides technical support and web development. Sax Appeal is a member of the West Ottawa Board of TradeSax Appeal is a member of Ottawa Tourism





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To make any event truly exceptional and one to remember, you need to have an ensemble that is as equally distinctive.

Canada's Premier Saxophone Ensemble
La saxophonie à son meilleur
Always the right feel with Sax Appeal!


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